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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

B'sley: Definitely an "oh, SHAFFIT" moment.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned my opinion on that Kate girl to you all. Well, here it is. She is such a SHARDING DESPIE. No, seriously. She spends all her time grooming her "astonishing" hair and talking to her dragon. Oh, and being mean to R'quel. That seems to be a common hobby around here though. But getting back to Kate.

Kate hates everyone. Including and especially me. So, what did Yaku HAVE to do?

You guessed it. Fly Terith.

So, I woke up in the morning, certain I'd been drinking... then I realized I was in someone else's weyr... then I realized I wasn't wearing clothes... then I realised I was next to Kate.

Disgust. Instant disgust. Oh, and an extreme desire to get so drunk I couldn't remember my own name. I'm going to do that as soon as I finish writing this for your twisted enjoyment.

I was hoping to slip out of the weyr before she woke up and get on to the intoxication bit, but she had to wake up. I'm surprised I made it out of that weyr in one piece, knowing her temperment...

I'm going to Lysel's quarters to hide for a while... and get totally plastered. I hate having to deal with my family, but hey, the Harper's here, might as well take advantage of it. I'll talk to you all in a few days... I'll be hung over, just to warn you. And you know sharding well how much it takes for me to get hung over.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rovth: The curse of youth

I'm aware I've not participated in any flights that have thus occurred--painfully aware. The dragonlust inside builds every time a glowing queen of green or gold takes to the air, be it dragon or even a little cousin at this point. A feeling that was at one time a buzz in the back of my mind, a nuisance at best, now roars angrily at those that dare to chase after what should in all rights be mine. Those glowing females belong to Rovth, and no other. And always as I'm ready to give chase, to claim and brand what is mine--I see my mine... The look on his face, a slight baffled look at the passions that he feels from me, and I lose everything. All will. I know that my Q'won is my 'mine. And he is right for me as I am for him. But why must he still be a weyrling when I am a fully grown bronze?! It's cruel to watch all that is Rovth's fly away from me because of my rider keeping me bound to the ground with invisible ropes. His innocence is a knife through my dragonlust, but it does not kill it, it only stalls it. And I cannot forever stall the dragonlust. It will one day be stronger than my Q'won. And I will fly, and I WILL take all that is mine. That he is ready for it is becoming a distant and unimportant facet of my existence...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Birth Announcement!

On this day of the second Turn of the Fifth Pass, ZELKI was born to Weyrwoman Rekki and Weyrleader A'zelex. He was born healthy and alert, blond and blue-eyed.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ryana’s Oh So Horrible Life

Okay, so I was, like, sitting in the Weyrhall when this fire lizard comes and screeches at Streak, and I’m like “ZOMG, what the--” So, next thing I know I’m walking with Caitir, D’mar, Kantika and company. Not like seeing D’mar and Caitir together is an odd sight anymore. ANYWAYS, I ask if there’s anything I can do, and, get this, Caitir tells me to go away! Like, it’s okay to have alone time with her sweety and whatever, but she didn’t have to wave a stick in my face. My it was pointy.

So, I go back to the barracks, about ready to flop on my cot and sleep, when Suiyath decides she’s hungry. So I go to the Feeding Grounds with her, and then I find out we get to go live in Weyrs. Woohoo, right? No! The Candidate or Weyrling who set it all up did everything wrong! D:
After fixing up my weyr, I walk down the stairs, what a work out! Suiyath refused to give me a lift down, for some reason. Broody beast she was! I get down there, look up at Suiyath, and decide I want to go back to the weyr because she’s all glowy glowy. When I’m ready to go up again, Suiyath’s like Well too bad, I’m flying, so who ever you get stuck with deal with it! And then she just ups and flies off into the clouds.

So here I am, laying in bed, wondering who in Pern is laying beside me! Of course, Suiyath’s not saying anything, so I’m just going to lay here for….a….while….ZzZzZ….

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Peek Inside Rael's Head...

ARGH!! I really can't STAND B'sley!! I caught him giving T'ris alcohol- again- and we all know how THAT would end up... Yep, T'ris dancing around in his underwear and singing loudly. Great. And who ahd to restrain him? Me and Efferieth, since I didn't want to wake Meholith for this. Ugh...

It was ALL B'sley''s fault! He knows better than to give my brother alcohol. I swear I just want to strangle him till he's unconcious, then send him on a long drop and a short hop between!! Aw... But then I'd be killing Yaku, and he's nice, despite his choice of Rider. I don't want to do that.

But still... Some times I just.... -sigh- I really wish he hadn't Impressed Yaku- then I probably wouldn't feel bad about killing him. I think HE should've Impressed Difranth instead of poor Avvie- they'd get long. I know Avvie couldn't Impress Yaku even if she wanted to, but then she still could've Impressed a nicer dragon.

Well, I'd better go- Meholith's waking up and he's hungry. I do NOT like B'sley!! Not at all.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

A close-up of Senara

"What the hell? What're you doing with that? Get it the feck out of my face before I give everyone a close up of your esophogus..."

Senara. Trouble with a capital T. Within twenty four hours of being introduced to Lyros she portentially paralyzed another Candidate, and made enemies out of both the Master Healer and Junior Weyrwoman.

"They can take a number. I've plenty of people who want my hide, wether or not it's still attached."

But deep down inside.. (somewhere... probably near her liver...) Senara isn't all that bad. Originally, she tried to stop two friends from fighting.. and when caught, she took the blame for it. Rather than being stepped on for the rest of her life for something she didn't do, Sen built a gruff exterior and became a bully.

"You should write for the Pernese Enquirer. Really. That's about as made up as it gets."

Senara just wants someone to take the time to know her and appreciate her for the glowing person she really is.

"Yeah... you wanna see glowing? Let me show you the stars."

WHAM... crack, fizzle, static...

end feed.

And Eol's Lot at Lyros...

Blatantly stealing from Jax who blatantly stole it from eeco. Eol loves life and third person.

Kinsey scale's 0 - 6, yo.

Name: Caitir
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Rank: Junior Weyrwoman
Orientation: Heterosexual (1)
Hair: Black, quite short
Eyes: Hazel
Personality: responsible, intelligent, emotional blocks like whoa. Sound familiar? Stubborn. Has difficulty accepting weaknesses.
Other: Torn between way too many guys.
Dragon: Gold Aelfryth
Dragon Persona: serene, intelligent, sometimes bossy

Name: M'lis
Age: 49
Gender: Male
Rank: Candidate Master
Orientation: Homosexual (8,000,000)
Hair: Dark
Eyes: Grey
Personality: Pessimistic, finds lots of things to be a captive state apparatus.
Other: Extremely low tolerance for alcohol and cannabis.
Dragon: Green Phivlith
Dragon Persona: INSANE. Sorry, Jax, dear, but no sense here at all.

Name: E'nel
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Rank: Wingsecond [Temporary Queens' Wingleader]
Orientation: Homosexual (4)
Hair: Sandy
Eyes: Green
Personality: Analytical genius. Grammar Nazi. Still loves M'lis.
Other: M'lis hates him. So does E'nel's own firelizard, Zmei, it seems. And maybe his adopted kiddie Aasei. But that's only when he condescends to her.
Dragon: Brown Cendovth
Dragon Persona: Taciturn but emotional.

Name: A'gehri
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Rank: Junior Weyrling
Orientation: Heterosexual (0)
Hair: Dark
Face: Dark
Eyes: Dark
Personality: Head in clouds. Foot in mouth.
Dragon: Bronze Vergith
Dragon Persona: Hates discrimination. Spends his time repeating "Gehrimine. Foot out of mouth. Now."

Name: E'uan
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Rank: Junior Weyrling
Orientation: Homosexual (5)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Chalky greengreyblue
Personality: Naive.
Dragon: Green Lorenath
Dragon Persona: Not naive. Somehow not jaded either.

Name: Eiba
Age: 39
Gender: Female
Rank: Headwoman
Orientation: Homosexual (99)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Nondescript.
Personality: Flirt. Delusional. Flirt. Flirt. Flirt. Ewwwwguys. Go'way.

A brief cross-section of my characters

Because I have too sharding many.

I'll use the Kinsey scale for my characters, since there are a lot of shades of grey with their sexualities (1 = totally straight, 3 = totally bi, 5 = totally gay)

Name: B'sley
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Rank: Sr. Weyrling
Orientation: Heterosexual (2)
Hair: Black, thick, and curly, that somehow stays out of his face. He might shave once a sevenday, so his face is generally in between various stages of "five 'o clock shadow" and "sharding unruly"
Eyes: Dark, that middle ground between black and brown. Basically like my eyes, particularly in that they turn gold when the light hits them.
Personality: rebellious, charismatic, snarky
Other: He's probably high on SOMETHING. Like his blunts. Or the "poisonous" mixture of Tillek red, varying spices (including licorice, poor Caitir), and a Pernese absintheoid he keeps in his flask. Thing is, his tolerance is so sharding high you probably won't notice.
Dragon: Bronze Mayakuth
Dragon Persona: B'sley's oft-ignored conscience.

Name: C'ran
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Rank: Sr. Weyrling
Orientation: Heterosexual (1.5)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Personality: clever, calm, secretly vengeful
Other: Will probably try to take down Susedene all on his own at some point.
Dragon: Brown Virilinth
Dragon Persona: calm, intelligent, and clever. Much like C'ran, really.

Name: D'mar
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Rank: Wingleader
Orientation: Heterosexual (1)
Hair: Black, a little above his shoulders after getting it charred fighting Sus.
Eyes: Green
Personality: responsible, intelligent, emotional blocks like whoa.
Other: Aren't you cheering for him and Caitir to get together? Or wait, was that B'sley? Or C'ran? Or Q'won...?
Dragon: Bronze Khisanth
Dragon Persona: imperious, intelligent, hoards shiny objects.

Name: A'zelex
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Rank: Weyrleader
Orientation: Hetero? (2.5)
Hair: bright blond
Eyes: icy blue
Personality: arrogant, clever, charismatic, caring
Other: So in love with Rekki he'll be devastated next flight.
Dragon: Blue Krebelth
Dragon Persona: the futile attempt to tone A'zelex down.

Name: Rekki
Age: 25 Turns
Gender: Female
Rank: Weyrwoman
Orientation: Hetero. (1.5)
Hair: long and silvery-blond
Eyes: bright green
Personality: knowledgable, wise, calm
Other: So in love with A'zelex she'll be devastated next flight.
Dragon: Copper Intalth
Dragon Persona: Almost like Rekki's child-self- still responsible, but both intelligent and mischievious.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Recipe for Eol: Shoot at Dawn

And here's to you, Weyrwoman Caitir,
Fabala loves you more than you will know. [woe woe woe]
Oh Faranth please, Weyrwoman Caitir,
Goldflights hold a place for four who pray [yay yay yay]

Sooo you take a girl who knows everything about healing and put her in a jar with a bunch of other candidates and some eggs and you shake shake shake shake until they're all good and confused and have the prettyshinygolden one choose her for no reason at all and then you have her grow up into ever such a tiny prettyshinygolden thing and have all the bronzes dance after her in pursuit even before she rises because she's pretty and doesn't realise it [SUE SUE SUE SUE MA-AAA-RY SUUUUE] and then you have her be torn between the clever handsome Wingleader and the rebel handsome wench who tries to kill her but she develops stockholm syndrome and the clever stable brown weyrling and the inimitable bronzy who's so compensating for something and her dragon fabalaelfryth sez ZOMGSTOPPIT, EOL, ORI'LLDIE. And everything's happy, like, y'know?

Hide it in the hiding place where no one ever goes.
Put it in your pantry with your cupcakes. [hide it from the 'lings now]
It's a little secret, just Namolias's affair.
Most of all you've got to hide it from the kids. [coo coo ca choo]

Take a green that delights in being chased by bronzes. Take a man who's desperately in love with a brownrider and hates him at the same time. Take a bluerider who is ever so sweet to him who may or may not be able to catch mad!Phivlith long enough to stick around. Take a bronze weyrling who has a really nice--I mean, gives this greenrider blunts. Take the unfortunate trait of being completely unable to tolerate any form of cannabis. Stick them in the heat at the beginning of a Pass and bake at 350 for several hours. And that, my friends, is a good thing.

Q'won: NOT compensating for anything D:

I don't get why everyone picks on my height! It's not like THEY weren't short once!

So, today we were doing some stupid Threadfall reinactment stuff, it was really stupid and pointless and nothing a MAN should be doing really. But, until I've those knots on my shoulder, I have to listen to the sharding blueriders. Why do they get to do everything?! I mean, it's like letting the drudges be in charge of the hold or something!

Not that I'm against blues or anything, I mean, there has to be one or two out there with the brains and stuff to be a MAN like me! But..then again, the other bronzeriders and brownriders arent much better. That tall guy, B..whatever, I don't even know his name, not like it matters. He's not a MAN and not important. Anyways, he's annoying and always smoking that stuff and drinking from that flask...'Tene doesn't like him. And for once I agree with the wherry-brained girl. Rovth says that his bronze is better behaved, which is obvious--it's a BRONZE isn't it? I mean, for a bronze to not be awesome and like a MAN is like.... and MAN acting like a woman...which is wrong, and too weird to even think about.

Right, so this Bsla..B...B...the stupid bronze-riding little boy! Yeah, so this stupid boy starts talking about how I'm short--AND I'M NOT!--and making fun of me. He's lucky the Weyrleader was there or I'd 've knocked some common sense into him. He's shardin' lucky. Yep. But the next time! The next time he'd better be hopin' I'm in a REALLY good mood or I'm sending him flying into the Dawn Sisters. And he still wouldn't shut up! He kept talking about how I'm short and how I'm "comp-en-sa-ting" for something. Which I don't understand...but I KNOW it means I'm short! It HAS to be, 'cause he likes to make me angry-- I'm going to give him a good thrashing one of these days!

I'm not short, it's just that Rovth's gotten so HUGE (as he should be) that I look small next to him. That's all.

...and I need to talk to 'Tene about this compensating thing--NOT that I expect her to know anything, she's just a stupid girl after all. I just want to make sure she knows what such a long nad lengthy word means, 'cause y'know girls are stupid. Then I can flaunt my MAN-like mind. Yeah...that's it!

Teayr's Day.....

Here's what I did today-

1. Wake up
2. Eat
3. Get bitched at by the "Greaters"
4. Sit out in the glaciers and stare off into space with Kaseth
5. Endure Kaseth's flight and watch Nyth win
6. *cough* THINGS with K'nek

Yeah..... 5-6 were a bit blurry to me... 1-4 weren't very enjoyable but... I don't even know what's going on with K'nek and I now- I'm still uncertain of how I feel about him- i'm jsut glad it wasn't Q'sal... he kind of scares me... I have to go- Kaseth needs to be oiled.

Eeco's Characters in a Brief Glance

This'll be relatively brief...I hope. No promises.

Lyros Weyr:

Name: Xiltene
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Rank: Sr. Weyrling
Orientation: Heterosexual
Hair: dark brown and falls to just below her shoulders, although she'll prolly be one of the first girls to chop it off once she starts flying Thread
Eyes: honey hazel
Personality: Authoritive, rather unsocial
Other: Loves chores to a point it should be a crime (wanted to be Head Steward previous to being Searched); needs a boyfriend
Dragon: Green Ayullath
Dragon Persona: HyperZOMGWTFBBQHYPER!!oneeleventy!1o1!


Name: Q'won (Qostwon)
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Rank: Sr. Weyrling
Orientation: Heterosexual
Hair: dirty blonde
Eyes: dark brown
Personality: Loud, egotistical
Other: is a MAN
Dragon: Bronze Rovth
Dragon Persona: His milkshake brings all dem lady dragons to the yard! His milkshake, is bettah than yalls! Dam right, it's bettah than yalls!


Name: Qotwen
Age: 6
Gender: Male
Rank: weyrbrat
Orientation: too early to tell
Hair: dirty blonde
Eyes: dark brown
Personality: Cha~~ ^-^
Other: Q'won's younger brother

Susedene Weyr:

Name: Zilborja
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Rank: Weyrwoman's 2nd
Orientation: Heterosexual
Hair: klah brown
Eyes: deep blue
Personality: Cruel, cold, enjoys toying with men's emotions
Other: By gold standards, a sleep around. Also one of the few born and raised in Susedene
Dragon: Gold Yurufth
Dragon Persona: lazy and spoiled


Name: P'trar (Paytrar)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Rank: Jr. Weyrling, greater-to-be
Orientation: Heterosexual
Hair: dirty blonde
Eyes: hazel
Personality: Protective and relatively kind
Other: Originally from Lyros Hold before a raid
Dragon: Brown Bruith
Dragon Persona: Commanding and strong, aspires to prove he's just as good as any bronze


Name: Kerika/K'rik
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Rank: Jr. Weyrling, lesser
Orientation: bi-sexual
Hair: light brown, once fell to her shoulders, now to her ears
Eyes: blue-green
Personality: Deathwish walking, shameless flirt, shameless everything, doesn't know when to quit or stop, rather ignorant in terms of knowledge
Other: Even though female, her build, dress and behavior mark her as flamboyantly male--a sham she is desperate to keep up
Dragon: Blue Niraneth
Dragon Persona: Overtly flamboyant and very feminine


Name: Bannack
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Rank: Candidate Master
Orientation: Heterosexual
Hair: greasy black
Eyes: blue-grey
Personality: Mean, cold, cruel, enjoys inflicting pain
Other: Loves his whip so much he should marry it; is Zilborja's father

Crimson's Characters

Here are some really quick profiles for my characters. I'm gonna use the same scale as Jax is for sexual preferences. (1= straight, 3=bi, 5=homosexual).


Name: Rael
Theme: Welcome to My Nightmare- Alice Cooper
Age: 19
Pref: Heterosexual(1.2(haha.))
Rank: Rider

Hair: Falls just below her shoulders, and is jet black.
Eyes: Icy blue
Personality: Intelligent, quiet and likes fighting.
Other: Is T'ris's younger sister, and official emo child of Lyros.
Pet: Black cat named Zane(m)
Flit: Bronze Corrin
Dragon: Blue Meholith
Dragon persona: ....


Name: Avalynne or Avvie
Theme: Freckles- Mary and Judy
Age: 16
Pref: Heterosexual(1)
Rank: Sr. Weyrling
Hair: Falls just above her waist and is a light brown.
Eyes: Pale green
Personality: Shy, quiet and anti-conflict.
Other: Awwwww. Kuwaii! <3
Pet: None
Flit: Blue Skye, Green Rain and Brown Cloud.
Dragon: Green Difranth
Dragon persona: ZOMG get the fook away from meeee!! Oooo....
What's that dooo? What's this dooo? OMIGOSH!! SHINEEEY!!


Name: T'ris
Theme: How You Remind Me- Nickelback
Age: 28
Pref: Bisexual(2.9)
Rank: Delta Wingsecond

Hair: Tied in a very short ponytail, and a dark blond.
Eyes: Icy blue
Personality: Charming, sarcastic and optimistic.
Other: T'ris + Alchohol = RAEL BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF YOU.
Pet: None
Flit: Green Shurri
Dragon: Brown Efferieth
Dragon persona: Ho hum. -,-


Name: T'kek
Theme: Haunted- Evanescence
Age: 13
Pref: ???
Rank: Jr. Weyrling
Hair: Very short and messy, a silvery blond.

Eyes: Dull gray
Personality: No emotion except when talking about his flit, clingy and quiet.
Other: Had a history of abuse and has a split personality(sort of)
Pet: Brown dog named Rikae(m)
Flit: Green Mina
Dragon: Green Chiyoth
Dragon persona: Oh um... H-hello... -dragon blush-


Name: Kurin or Crimson
Theme: Hello- Evanescence
Age: 16
Pref: In between(2)
Rank: Candidate
Hair: Honey blond, covers one eye
Eyes: Amber-y
Personality: Intelligent, anti-social, low self esteem
Other: w00t.
Pet: None
Flit: None
Dragon: None


Name: Kyran or Kyra
Theme: Broken- Seether & Amy Lee
Age: 18
Pref: Heterosexual(1)
Rank: Goldrider
Hair: Black, and in two long plaits.
Eyes: Hazel-gold
Personality: Flirtatious, shceming, sarcastic.
Other: I'm scheming- this is my scheming face.
Pet: A white dog named Alchanei(f)
Flit: None
Dragon: Gold Tyrinth
Dragon persona: I'm sorry, but were you just DEFYING ME?


Name: X'nder
Theme: Iris- Goo Goo Dolls
Age: 16
Pref: Heterosexual(1.5)
Rank: Weyrling

Hair: Blood red color.
Eyes: Brown
Personality: Hyper, uber shy, clingy.
Other: X'nder is very whiiiineeeeey.
Pet: None
Flit: None
Dragon: Blue Hirogth
Dragon persona: Quit picking on X'nder or I will eet chu!!


Name: Teayr
Theme: Going Under- Evanescence
Age: 25
Pref: Bisexual(3)
Rank: Greenrider
Hair: Very short and boyish, a dark brown color.
Eyes: Light gray
Personality: Loyal, kind and passionate.
Other: Being from a southern runnerbeast hold, she is tan.
Pet: None
Flit: None
Dragon: Green Kaseth

Dragon persona: The worlds is made of love and PEACE!!
Weyrmate: Nyth (Rider is K'nek)

B'sley: Why not to leave your flask in the numbweed.

Today was an interesting break in the monotony of my life. Which, if you're wondering, goes like this.

1. Get up.
2. Have Mayakuth (ah, my darling Yaku) yell at me.
3. Smoke.
4. Eat breakfast.
5. Weyrling Lessons. Smoke while R'nek's not looking.
6. Eat lunch.
7. Weyrling chores. Smoke when feasible.
8. Go trekking in the jungle or to the beach. Smoke.
9. Eat dinner. Make certain to blow smoke into Xiltene's face when she tries to lecture me.
10. Did I mention Yaku was yelling at me THE ENTIRE DAY?

Anyhow. I realized at about the "Smoke while R'nek's not looking" point of my day that yesterday, during the "Weyrling chores"- preparing numbweed, ick- I left my flask among the numbweed. Shouldn't have been too much trouble to get it back, or at least I thought so...

Of course, I get down there, and not only are there hundreds of flasks, Caitir was working with them. Of course, she had a freakout when I told her what had happened... I have to admit, though, it was interesting in that she pointedly did not look at my crotch... I think someone is a little more interested in me than she lets on...

Well, anyhow, we spend who-knows-how-much time down there, looking through hundreds of flasks of numbweed (couldn't even properly hit on her), and of course she finds it. And she's allergic to something in it.

Imagine this. You are on the floor with an asphyxiating goldrider, and getting a healer is out of the question because she IS the healer. What do you do?

My best guess was to get Rekki. Rekki. The one who's so pregnant she hasn't come out of her weyr in days. Great timing getting her knocked up, A'zelex. First Threadfall, then this. With my luck, you'd think she'd go into labor right down in the caverns.

Even though she could barely breathe, Caitir nixed that idea... I guess she was right, we can't afford to be down two Weyrwomen. Turns out she's allergic to licorice. Licorice. Possibly one of the least offensive things I put in that flask.

She managed to stop the reaction by chewing some sort of leaf, and didn't seem much worse for the wear... she engraved "PROPERTY OF MAYAKUTH- POISON! - DO NOT DRINK!" on my flask. I kind of like h- it. It. Not her. It. Definitely it. Just snarky enough.

Yaku's yelling at me... AGAIN. Time to go, I suppose... not admitting I like her. Nope. Definitely not.

Welcome to As Pern Turns

As Pern Turns is the wholly fictional true stories of the characters inhabiting Lyros Weyr, an online Dragonriders of Pern roleplay.

Much like a soap opera, the roleplay is driven by interpersonal relationships and intrigues, with the occasional antagonisms of Thread, a mindless space virus that destroys organic material, and Susedene Weyr, a strange and twisted conclave of dragons living in the southern ice cap of Pern.

The stories that unfold here are very, very real. Comment as if they are so.