Saturday, April 01, 2006

B'sley: Why not to leave your flask in the numbweed.

Today was an interesting break in the monotony of my life. Which, if you're wondering, goes like this.

1. Get up.
2. Have Mayakuth (ah, my darling Yaku) yell at me.
3. Smoke.
4. Eat breakfast.
5. Weyrling Lessons. Smoke while R'nek's not looking.
6. Eat lunch.
7. Weyrling chores. Smoke when feasible.
8. Go trekking in the jungle or to the beach. Smoke.
9. Eat dinner. Make certain to blow smoke into Xiltene's face when she tries to lecture me.
10. Did I mention Yaku was yelling at me THE ENTIRE DAY?

Anyhow. I realized at about the "Smoke while R'nek's not looking" point of my day that yesterday, during the "Weyrling chores"- preparing numbweed, ick- I left my flask among the numbweed. Shouldn't have been too much trouble to get it back, or at least I thought so...

Of course, I get down there, and not only are there hundreds of flasks, Caitir was working with them. Of course, she had a freakout when I told her what had happened... I have to admit, though, it was interesting in that she pointedly did not look at my crotch... I think someone is a little more interested in me than she lets on...

Well, anyhow, we spend who-knows-how-much time down there, looking through hundreds of flasks of numbweed (couldn't even properly hit on her), and of course she finds it. And she's allergic to something in it.

Imagine this. You are on the floor with an asphyxiating goldrider, and getting a healer is out of the question because she IS the healer. What do you do?

My best guess was to get Rekki. Rekki. The one who's so pregnant she hasn't come out of her weyr in days. Great timing getting her knocked up, A'zelex. First Threadfall, then this. With my luck, you'd think she'd go into labor right down in the caverns.

Even though she could barely breathe, Caitir nixed that idea... I guess she was right, we can't afford to be down two Weyrwomen. Turns out she's allergic to licorice. Licorice. Possibly one of the least offensive things I put in that flask.

She managed to stop the reaction by chewing some sort of leaf, and didn't seem much worse for the wear... she engraved "PROPERTY OF MAYAKUTH- POISON! - DO NOT DRINK!" on my flask. I kind of like h- it. It. Not her. It. Definitely it. Just snarky enough.

Yaku's yelling at me... AGAIN. Time to go, I suppose... not admitting I like her. Nope. Definitely not.


Anonymous A'zelex said...

Haha... Bis has a crush... blackmail time. *evil look*

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Rael schemingly said...

Oooh... B'sley likes Caitir!! *schemes many ways in which to blackmail him*

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Y'lai said...

*snicker* Ooh, this calls for a poem!

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Rael said...

Yay poems!! *looks over his shoulder as he writes*

7:08 PM  

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