Sunday, April 02, 2006

A brief cross-section of my characters

Because I have too sharding many.

I'll use the Kinsey scale for my characters, since there are a lot of shades of grey with their sexualities (1 = totally straight, 3 = totally bi, 5 = totally gay)

Name: B'sley
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Rank: Sr. Weyrling
Orientation: Heterosexual (2)
Hair: Black, thick, and curly, that somehow stays out of his face. He might shave once a sevenday, so his face is generally in between various stages of "five 'o clock shadow" and "sharding unruly"
Eyes: Dark, that middle ground between black and brown. Basically like my eyes, particularly in that they turn gold when the light hits them.
Personality: rebellious, charismatic, snarky
Other: He's probably high on SOMETHING. Like his blunts. Or the "poisonous" mixture of Tillek red, varying spices (including licorice, poor Caitir), and a Pernese absintheoid he keeps in his flask. Thing is, his tolerance is so sharding high you probably won't notice.
Dragon: Bronze Mayakuth
Dragon Persona: B'sley's oft-ignored conscience.

Name: C'ran
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Rank: Sr. Weyrling
Orientation: Heterosexual (1.5)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Personality: clever, calm, secretly vengeful
Other: Will probably try to take down Susedene all on his own at some point.
Dragon: Brown Virilinth
Dragon Persona: calm, intelligent, and clever. Much like C'ran, really.

Name: D'mar
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Rank: Wingleader
Orientation: Heterosexual (1)
Hair: Black, a little above his shoulders after getting it charred fighting Sus.
Eyes: Green
Personality: responsible, intelligent, emotional blocks like whoa.
Other: Aren't you cheering for him and Caitir to get together? Or wait, was that B'sley? Or C'ran? Or Q'won...?
Dragon: Bronze Khisanth
Dragon Persona: imperious, intelligent, hoards shiny objects.

Name: A'zelex
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Rank: Weyrleader
Orientation: Hetero? (2.5)
Hair: bright blond
Eyes: icy blue
Personality: arrogant, clever, charismatic, caring
Other: So in love with Rekki he'll be devastated next flight.
Dragon: Blue Krebelth
Dragon Persona: the futile attempt to tone A'zelex down.

Name: Rekki
Age: 25 Turns
Gender: Female
Rank: Weyrwoman
Orientation: Hetero. (1.5)
Hair: long and silvery-blond
Eyes: bright green
Personality: knowledgable, wise, calm
Other: So in love with A'zelex she'll be devastated next flight.
Dragon: Copper Intalth
Dragon Persona: Almost like Rekki's child-self- still responsible, but both intelligent and mischievious.


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