Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ryana’s Oh So Horrible Life

Okay, so I was, like, sitting in the Weyrhall when this fire lizard comes and screeches at Streak, and I’m like “ZOMG, what the--” So, next thing I know I’m walking with Caitir, D’mar, Kantika and company. Not like seeing D’mar and Caitir together is an odd sight anymore. ANYWAYS, I ask if there’s anything I can do, and, get this, Caitir tells me to go away! Like, it’s okay to have alone time with her sweety and whatever, but she didn’t have to wave a stick in my face. My it was pointy.

So, I go back to the barracks, about ready to flop on my cot and sleep, when Suiyath decides she’s hungry. So I go to the Feeding Grounds with her, and then I find out we get to go live in Weyrs. Woohoo, right? No! The Candidate or Weyrling who set it all up did everything wrong! D:
After fixing up my weyr, I walk down the stairs, what a work out! Suiyath refused to give me a lift down, for some reason. Broody beast she was! I get down there, look up at Suiyath, and decide I want to go back to the weyr because she’s all glowy glowy. When I’m ready to go up again, Suiyath’s like Well too bad, I’m flying, so who ever you get stuck with deal with it! And then she just ups and flies off into the clouds.

So here I am, laying in bed, wondering who in Pern is laying beside me! Of course, Suiyath’s not saying anything, so I’m just going to lay here for….a….while….ZzZzZ….


Anonymous Rael said...

Geh, think you got problems? Try being a FEMALE bluerider in a world of female/homosexual greenriders.

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Lytah said...

Welcome to my life, sport. I remember when I had a green....

2:54 PM  

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