Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rovth: The curse of youth

I'm aware I've not participated in any flights that have thus occurred--painfully aware. The dragonlust inside builds every time a glowing queen of green or gold takes to the air, be it dragon or even a little cousin at this point. A feeling that was at one time a buzz in the back of my mind, a nuisance at best, now roars angrily at those that dare to chase after what should in all rights be mine. Those glowing females belong to Rovth, and no other. And always as I'm ready to give chase, to claim and brand what is mine--I see my mine... The look on his face, a slight baffled look at the passions that he feels from me, and I lose everything. All will. I know that my Q'won is my 'mine. And he is right for me as I am for him. But why must he still be a weyrling when I am a fully grown bronze?! It's cruel to watch all that is Rovth's fly away from me because of my rider keeping me bound to the ground with invisible ropes. His innocence is a knife through my dragonlust, but it does not kill it, it only stalls it. And I cannot forever stall the dragonlust. It will one day be stronger than my Q'won. And I will fly, and I WILL take all that is mine. That he is ready for it is becoming a distant and unimportant facet of my existence...


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