Saturday, April 01, 2006

Q'won: NOT compensating for anything D:

I don't get why everyone picks on my height! It's not like THEY weren't short once!

So, today we were doing some stupid Threadfall reinactment stuff, it was really stupid and pointless and nothing a MAN should be doing really. But, until I've those knots on my shoulder, I have to listen to the sharding blueriders. Why do they get to do everything?! I mean, it's like letting the drudges be in charge of the hold or something!

Not that I'm against blues or anything, I mean, there has to be one or two out there with the brains and stuff to be a MAN like me! But..then again, the other bronzeriders and brownriders arent much better. That tall guy, B..whatever, I don't even know his name, not like it matters. He's not a MAN and not important. Anyways, he's annoying and always smoking that stuff and drinking from that flask...'Tene doesn't like him. And for once I agree with the wherry-brained girl. Rovth says that his bronze is better behaved, which is obvious--it's a BRONZE isn't it? I mean, for a bronze to not be awesome and like a MAN is like.... and MAN acting like a woman...which is wrong, and too weird to even think about.

Right, so this Bsla..B...B...the stupid bronze-riding little boy! Yeah, so this stupid boy starts talking about how I'm short--AND I'M NOT!--and making fun of me. He's lucky the Weyrleader was there or I'd 've knocked some common sense into him. He's shardin' lucky. Yep. But the next time! The next time he'd better be hopin' I'm in a REALLY good mood or I'm sending him flying into the Dawn Sisters. And he still wouldn't shut up! He kept talking about how I'm short and how I'm "comp-en-sa-ting" for something. Which I don't understand...but I KNOW it means I'm short! It HAS to be, 'cause he likes to make me angry-- I'm going to give him a good thrashing one of these days!

I'm not short, it's just that Rovth's gotten so HUGE (as he should be) that I look small next to him. That's all.

...and I need to talk to 'Tene about this compensating thing--NOT that I expect her to know anything, she's just a stupid girl after all. I just want to make sure she knows what such a long nad lengthy word means, 'cause y'know girls are stupid. Then I can flaunt my MAN-like mind. Yeah...that's it!


Anonymous That stupid bronzeriding little boy said...

It has nothing to do with your height... more your "length", hehe...

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Rael said...

Whaddya MEAN girls are stupid, huh? We're a LOT smarter than you!! And I'd tell you what compensating means, but I'd rather watch you guess.

And B'sley, quit being a sharding dimglow.

10:59 AM  

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