Saturday, April 01, 2006

Crimson's Characters

Here are some really quick profiles for my characters. I'm gonna use the same scale as Jax is for sexual preferences. (1= straight, 3=bi, 5=homosexual).


Name: Rael
Theme: Welcome to My Nightmare- Alice Cooper
Age: 19
Pref: Heterosexual(1.2(haha.))
Rank: Rider

Hair: Falls just below her shoulders, and is jet black.
Eyes: Icy blue
Personality: Intelligent, quiet and likes fighting.
Other: Is T'ris's younger sister, and official emo child of Lyros.
Pet: Black cat named Zane(m)
Flit: Bronze Corrin
Dragon: Blue Meholith
Dragon persona: ....


Name: Avalynne or Avvie
Theme: Freckles- Mary and Judy
Age: 16
Pref: Heterosexual(1)
Rank: Sr. Weyrling
Hair: Falls just above her waist and is a light brown.
Eyes: Pale green
Personality: Shy, quiet and anti-conflict.
Other: Awwwww. Kuwaii! <3
Pet: None
Flit: Blue Skye, Green Rain and Brown Cloud.
Dragon: Green Difranth
Dragon persona: ZOMG get the fook away from meeee!! Oooo....
What's that dooo? What's this dooo? OMIGOSH!! SHINEEEY!!


Name: T'ris
Theme: How You Remind Me- Nickelback
Age: 28
Pref: Bisexual(2.9)
Rank: Delta Wingsecond

Hair: Tied in a very short ponytail, and a dark blond.
Eyes: Icy blue
Personality: Charming, sarcastic and optimistic.
Other: T'ris + Alchohol = RAEL BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF YOU.
Pet: None
Flit: Green Shurri
Dragon: Brown Efferieth
Dragon persona: Ho hum. -,-


Name: T'kek
Theme: Haunted- Evanescence
Age: 13
Pref: ???
Rank: Jr. Weyrling
Hair: Very short and messy, a silvery blond.

Eyes: Dull gray
Personality: No emotion except when talking about his flit, clingy and quiet.
Other: Had a history of abuse and has a split personality(sort of)
Pet: Brown dog named Rikae(m)
Flit: Green Mina
Dragon: Green Chiyoth
Dragon persona: Oh um... H-hello... -dragon blush-


Name: Kurin or Crimson
Theme: Hello- Evanescence
Age: 16
Pref: In between(2)
Rank: Candidate
Hair: Honey blond, covers one eye
Eyes: Amber-y
Personality: Intelligent, anti-social, low self esteem
Other: w00t.
Pet: None
Flit: None
Dragon: None


Name: Kyran or Kyra
Theme: Broken- Seether & Amy Lee
Age: 18
Pref: Heterosexual(1)
Rank: Goldrider
Hair: Black, and in two long plaits.
Eyes: Hazel-gold
Personality: Flirtatious, shceming, sarcastic.
Other: I'm scheming- this is my scheming face.
Pet: A white dog named Alchanei(f)
Flit: None
Dragon: Gold Tyrinth
Dragon persona: I'm sorry, but were you just DEFYING ME?


Name: X'nder
Theme: Iris- Goo Goo Dolls
Age: 16
Pref: Heterosexual(1.5)
Rank: Weyrling

Hair: Blood red color.
Eyes: Brown
Personality: Hyper, uber shy, clingy.
Other: X'nder is very whiiiineeeeey.
Pet: None
Flit: None
Dragon: Blue Hirogth
Dragon persona: Quit picking on X'nder or I will eet chu!!


Name: Teayr
Theme: Going Under- Evanescence
Age: 25
Pref: Bisexual(3)
Rank: Greenrider
Hair: Very short and boyish, a dark brown color.
Eyes: Light gray
Personality: Loyal, kind and passionate.
Other: Being from a southern runnerbeast hold, she is tan.
Pet: None
Flit: None
Dragon: Green Kaseth

Dragon persona: The worlds is made of love and PEACE!!
Weyrmate: Nyth (Rider is K'nek)


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