Sunday, April 02, 2006

A close-up of Senara

"What the hell? What're you doing with that? Get it the feck out of my face before I give everyone a close up of your esophogus..."

Senara. Trouble with a capital T. Within twenty four hours of being introduced to Lyros she portentially paralyzed another Candidate, and made enemies out of both the Master Healer and Junior Weyrwoman.

"They can take a number. I've plenty of people who want my hide, wether or not it's still attached."

But deep down inside.. (somewhere... probably near her liver...) Senara isn't all that bad. Originally, she tried to stop two friends from fighting.. and when caught, she took the blame for it. Rather than being stepped on for the rest of her life for something she didn't do, Sen built a gruff exterior and became a bully.

"You should write for the Pernese Enquirer. Really. That's about as made up as it gets."

Senara just wants someone to take the time to know her and appreciate her for the glowing person she really is.

"Yeah... you wanna see glowing? Let me show you the stars."

WHAM... crack, fizzle, static...

end feed.


Anonymous caitir said...

Kantika's an apprentice, dear. Thought someone who prides herself on ranks should know.

Don't play with numbweed next time.

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Razuzu said...

That was a player error actually, not a Senara-error :) I misread Jax's siggy.

6:29 PM  
Anonymous caitir said...


7:21 PM  
Anonymous Rael said...

Heh. Now Caitir, be nice to Raz. Not HER fault she misreads things. XD

7:08 PM  

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